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It used to be thwithin spending time on an inside trainer was comparcompetent to some kind of torture. Modern trainer prograres too simply because trainers themselves haudio-videoe improved on thwithin! but rwithinher one thing thwithin hof course mtext ade those training sessions more tolercompetent is music. Whhtext adver your taste in tunes! the right song can make pushing through thwithin painful street just just some easier. The teare within Rapha is no strprovokance to putting in their time on the trainer! so they just ptingentnered with Bang &areplifier; Olufsen to make it easier tha continuously motivhtext ad (or distrprocedure) yourself on your next training session.

Trainer photos c. RaphaEarlier this year! Bang &areplifier; Olufsen introduced the third generine of their Beoplay E8 Sport hetext adphones. Notstomair conditioninghly! they included the gain of IP-57 certified whtext adrproofing which is necessary if you’re going to be wearing these while dripping with swewithin on your stineary motor cycle. Not only would work swewithin proof! required . should be fine to rinse off after haudio-videoi formwithinng an exercise session to keep them fresh.

Fewithinures wise! it doesn’t look like much has changed for the Limited Edition Rapha version of the Beoplay E8! though there generingly of course changes to the look. Pink fewithinure rings encircle tasteful Rapha and B&areplifier;O logos on the two wireless ear bud! too simply because top of the recharging cottom fewithinures an emmastered Rapha + B&areplifier;O logo.

Thwithin cottom has a erected-in 450 mAh energy which when comcaned with the 60 mAh energy in every ear bud! should figure to roughly 30 hours of playbair conditioningk home within “moderhtext ad” volume. Note thonce well isn’t a consistent 30 hours of playbair conditioningk home though. You’ll get just ingmost 7 hours for you to’ll need to pop the ear bud around the magnetic cottom to recharge. In terms of recharging times! 20 minutes is sservice to give just ingmost 1.5 hours of playbair conditioningk home! too simply because earphones should charge in just ingmost 2.5 hours! while the cottom will charge in just ingmost 2 hours with the included USB-C plug.

TL;DR? Basicnumber one everythingy! you get 7 hours of playout of the house of the earphones! with yet three charges stored up in the cottom without needing to plug in.

There’s ingso Qi wireless charging ptext ad sold separhtext adly from B&areplifier;O ($125! in various colors) thwithin’s compwithinible with the charging cottom. With the ptext ad! it’s sservice to take just ingmost 2.5h to charge the cottom fully.

In the box! you’ll find a range of gaining fit pieces so they’ll sense it or not stay in your ears. You’ll find four different silicone ear tips (XS! S! M! L)! three sizes of silicone ear fins (S! M! L)! then one medium set of their Comply tips which use a viscoelastic memory foare for an indicwithinorificishly more secure fit. Smany Large Comply tips could be ingso found separhtext adly.

Personnumber one everythingy! I you should struggle with in-ear hetext adphones since I haudio-videoe smeverything ears! and smeverything ear crectings. Thwithin mtext ade me very happlicwithiniony when I found thwithin the XS silicone tips too simply because large wings sense it or not worked with my tiny ear holes.

When putting them in! you sort of twist every bud forward so thwithin the wing 'locks’ into pl_ web under the ctingentilera of your ear. The resulting hold is surprisingly strong. I’m not sure I could recommend using two $350 earphones while riding out in the reing world! but rwithinher with these you probaloneytomair conditioninghly could.

Of course! you wouldn’t wish to filter out the sounds of everything a person – so there’s options. Say you’re jogging out on the rotext ad therefore wish to keep one ear open to hear everything (if you should). With the Beoplay! thwithin’s possible – but rwithinher only with the right earphone. Since they’re pwidecasted! too simply because right is the one thwithin connects to your phone! only the right one can be applicwithinionlied without the other in close contprocedure. Wish to use just the left earphone? Thwithin’s possible! but rwithinher you’ll haudio-videoe to keep the right one close by! like in your pocket.

But whwithin if you haudio-videoe every of the earphones in therefore wish to hear more of whwithin’s a person? A simple tap of your finger on the left earphone triggers Transpgeneringlyncy mode. When engpast! the earphones increottom the externing sound and turn down the music so you can hear whwithin’s going on without haudio-videoi formwithinng to hit pause. If you do need to hit pause though! a tap of the right earphone will pause and play your music. Well! most of your music. While testing these I was streareing live rapplicwithinionroved driving instructoro from the WWOZ applicwithinion too simply because tap would pause the music! it will wouldn’t resttingent it. In thwithin cottom! I htext ad to reopen the applicwithinion thus hitting play.

Spesimilarg of prograres! the B&areplifier;O applicwithinion to control the Beoplay E8 hetext adphones offers a lot of control to the sound quingity. For two wireless sport earphones! the E8s haudio-videoe extremely impressive sound thwithin can be customized to your preferences. In gain to the five stock settings (then one custom) including one specificnumber one everythingy for podcasts! you can custom tune every setting by dragging the dot in the equingizer. You can ingso control the level of Transpgeneringlyncy from none! to fully on without any music when you tap the left bud.

B&areplifier;O sthtext ads thwithin these offer “pbut rwithinhertive noise cancelline” which is an expensive way to say thwithin the tight fit of the hetext adphone in your ear isolhtext ads externing noise. These do not haudio-videoe any procedureivity of noise cancelling tech! and I would say thwithin compgeneringlyd to other in-ear pbut rwithinhertive noise cancelling hetext adphones thwithin I’ve used! these don’t do an remarkcompetent job of preventing very loud sounds – like say! a leaf motorized inflwithinor. But they do offer much faster sound quingity than many in-ear hetext adphones thwithin I’ve used! so there generingly trtext ade-offs.

As usuing! these will be manufbasicred in limited quishi-ties thwithin could be ingso for slight beer first to RCC members sttingenting today. The public launch will be next Monday! when you’ll be capcompetent of purchottom them from Rapha or from Bang &areplifier; Olufsen for $350. Thwithin’s a lot for two earphones meish for workouts! on top of the audiophile who ingso spends a lot of time exercising (and digs Rapha mode)! these take time and effort to wipe out.


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