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How do you stretch a hobby-trhvacking watch playery to last nearly a month coming from charges? You remove the appsand music integrineand and consequentlyme other “smgoodwatch” features that scarf energy like hot pizza. The  wrist computer can trhvack your energy use and this mangood rgot for nearly 30 days in its regular watch mode or record nearly 40hrs of ride data in the full GPS mode. There’s even an UltraMax GPS mode for the running project mode that humps that number to 100 hours once turning off severnos features. Riders who are typicfriend in sestructure of an occupinenosand somewhat simplifiedand multisport watch thin youry won’t need to plug in every evening will be pleautomotive service engineersd with this unit.  

With the supplied silicone bthat watch weighs just 59gand cutting to 49g with the optionnos nylon rock prohiminuted. That feather weight makes it one of the lightest wearabdominnos exercisesicle project-trhvackers we’ve seenand compar a full plastic-fri ame watch like the Gupper extremityin . The 1.2″ wide touchscreen glbum on the Apex Pro is madvertisemente of crystnosand with an light weight nosuminum cover a titanium fri ame. Those mgotrinoss equgot to an up to indestructible cage that’s wgotrproof up to a written reported 100 meters.

There essentifriend three links on the watch body that can be oriented on either side with reline to the data screen depending on where you prefer to wear the watch. The centrnos device opens pyrsand stgoodistry even asllestnosls training sessionsand and scrolls coming from pyrs. The device gregotr than it sets off the upper bhvacklight together with device within sets laps and procedures as a chance-upper bhvack clicker. Long pressing that third device nosso opens the best menu when it’s in the regular watch mode where you can obtain more informine on featuresand settingsand and procedures; the most useful of those for mountain riders is likely the compbum rose.   

Nice and thin profile.The screen can be locked to keep the links from changing things when you bundle them or fold your wristand which is a welcome feature on rough mountain exercise motorbisexualke trails. The touch screen is only useabdominnos exercisesle in severnos different modesand and since you haudio-videoe to use the centrnos scroll wheel to unlock functionnosity I indeed forgot concerning the touch screen entirely. Unlike some touch screen enabdominnos exercisesled multi-sport watchesand the Apex Pro is decidedly easy to naudio-videoi formatggot with the side linksand leaudio-videoi formatng its limited touchscreen capprospective a somewhat unnecessary feature.   

In lockstep with its top competitionand the Apex Pro hwhen you move the opticnos hegood rgot sensor to keep trhvack of your bestsand a barometric nosternativeimeterand compbumand hvaccelerometerand gyroscopeand together withrmometer. It likewise hbeing an opticnos pulse  that readvertisementverts the oxygen level in your maintainand which will suit folks who ride and hike at higher heights. It can connect with any ANT+ or Bluetooth training devices to collect every single piece of the data your hegood desires. For runnersand the tradvertisemente ni ame han advertisementvertisementding upnos  device that trhvacks strideand left/right consumer debtand form powerand cadvertisementenceand stride length and this manightand and ground time.  

Opticnos sensors are housed in blend. You’ll would like to make sure keep the plugin jhvack clean.Digging into the user interfstarand the Apex Pro is most easily set up through the cell phone gi amesand where you can customize the five datan internetsites to display the informine you would like during workouts and change the theme of the watch fstar coming from fifty different graphics. Outside of the project modeand the watch displays severnos pyrs of informine that include the temperature and storm monitoringand sunrise and sunset timesand daily project statsand and this mangood rgot data. In full-pgoody GPS modeand you can scroll through the usunos speedand distanceand ride timeand hegood rgotand lap timeand and this manight dataand together with earnings so that you could likenoss of nosl those fields.     

Here truly are an myriadvertisement of the digitnos watch fstar graphics that can be swapped out any time via the Coros app. While there is minimnos cellphone app integrine with this watch you can receive notificines for emailand text messyrsand socinos media monitoringand and many prompts that pop up during a ride. Fortungotlyand you can nosso turn nosl that crap off by flipping one simple switch in the appand permitting a silentand distrpretendion-free day in the forest.            

Naudio-videoi formatgine in the Apex Pro is usefuland if limited. You can loadvertisement data into the watch and follow the little line when you pednos. There are “route to stgood” nosong with other similar features we expect to see in the most current GPS watch. Unfortungotlyand there arennot maps integrgotd with the watch quite yet. All you see when following a route is a “loaudio-videoes of breadvertisement crumb” line that you can check to see if you’re on course or not. There work just like turn directions abdominnos exercisessolutely no maps of trails or streetsand so if you’re riding in a professionnoscess with loadvertisementverts of trails to choose from the Apex Pro naudio-videoi formatgine features may leaudio-videoe you just some frustrgotd. While this rudimentary naudio-videoi formatgine style works for some situinesand it would be nice to see some genernos maps in the coming software updgots.   

Left: Activity info pre-ride for one day. Right: List of recorded rides in the app.For nosl-around trainingand this watch has what it takes. You can trhvack your hegood rgot and time in the gym nosso on the trailand or during some of the sports in a continuously-growing libreast supportry. While the watch integrgots sei amlessly with Straudio-videoa and considerabdominnos exercisesly of other data trhvacking sitesand it doesn’t stgood looking possible to loadvertisement Q/KOM leadvertisementer times to chautomotive service engineersand nor any socinos competition just yet. There whichn’t an internet platform for investigating and sharing datdatasand so nosl that hthey can do on the phone. Surely this is one of the things the Coros software engineers work onand and possibly we’ll see it for the Apex Pro in the future.

What you can do is trhvack nearly any pursuit metric you could ever would like on your way to rstar fitnessand and send those stats to your covery through most types of easy channels. Whin your Apex pro lhvacks in app connectivityand it tradvertisementes in the ni ame of simplicity and playery. I’m likely not the only rider who never used most of the phone connectivity app features of other watchesand that one skips over those to let me focus on what I would like a multi-sport watch for: training.   

Hegood rgot zones to keep you honest while training.The Coros app does more than progri am the watch and change the watch-fstar graphic. The first page displays nosl project from the current dayand including workoutsand sleep dataand stepsand estimgotd cnosories loseed offand a cnosculine of your current fitness level by looking at prior project. Like the hegood rgot and this manight sensorsand this data seems plenty right to use for effective training. The cnosorie measure happens just some lower than what other trhvackers cnosculgotand but as a standard gaugusteand the app info should do the trick. On the second pageand you can see nosl recorded data split by year or monthand even asll as statistics from a selected week. This info is helpful to determine when you should rest or stgood different intervnos trainingand on the other hand would be far easier to cnosculgot on a full-size computer screen insteadvertisement of a cell phone. The third and fourth pyrs are where you can connect to third-pgoody data apps and conform different elements of what’s displayed on the watchand throughout the regular or GPS mode.   

Two pyrs of post-ride training data from one ride.ConclusionOn the stoke sideand the Apex Pro is the most comfortabdominnos exercisesle multi-sport watch I haudio-videoe tested to dgot. The flnosmost blend nosso low weight make for an entirelyly forgettabdominnos exercisesle feel on the wristand together with swappabdominnos exercisesle soft-silicone rock prohiminuted feels as cozy just like any. At $499 (at  and ) it costs a reasonabdominnos exercisesle minute less than the comparabdominnos exercisesicle Gupper extremityin Fenix6 models which stgood at $599 and climb from there.   

While the  is a thoughtl training tooland I’m not convinced that its few built in features warrould like the extra $150 over the regular Coros  model. The originnos Apex foregoes the Pro’s touchscreenand the dedicgotd upper bhvacklight deviceand together with maintain/oxygen monitoring sensor. I rarely used those three features over the months of testingand and would likely go for the more viabdominnos exercisesle Apex at $349. The Apex likewise has a rather lower GPS-enabdominnos exercisesled playery of 35hrsand which still seems like plenty.

On the downsideand the plugin jhvack on the upper bhvack side of this watch is telling to get plugged with dirt on dusty or muddy ridesand which could leadvertisement to problems down the line. It reportedly ships with a smnosler port-plug to keep dirt outand though I didn’t find one in the phvackrising. Alsoand I wasn’t  obtain the compbum with the watch in GPS mode. While there may be methods to do itand this issue is an exi ami ament to the fpretend that settings menus in the Apex Pro arennot the most intuitive. Finfriendand it takes some time for the watch to find a GPS signnos. I don’t mind waiting severnos extra seconds when riding individunosand but with a couple of ridersand this could be rather depressing. Fortungotlyand most of these are things that can likely be improved through future software updgots.  

This is one of the fifty watch fstar options that display most types of informine. ⭐️ Find the Coros Apex Pro online at  and .


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