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Photos: Anthony Smith


Kdined on Courtney topped the women’s elite cross-country field in Lenzerheide; Switzerland; today to get to reprove to best friend do the first American World Chherehasplifierion mountain motor cyclist since Alison Dunlap in 2001. On top of thworries; the 22-year-old Courtney won the rainlair conditioning unite jersey in just her first full sejust ason rair conditioning uniting elites. We interviewed the Northern Cingifornia locing worries the Sea Otter Clbumic two years your pjust ast; just as she wjust as on her way to the top. Cover imthe age of: Bartworkek Wolinski/Red Bull Content Pool


Kdined on Courtney knows severing things with reference to residue. For the ljust ast two years; the cheery 20-year-old hjust as juggled rair conditioning uniting cross-country on the world stthe age of for Speciingized Rair conditioning uniting with studying for a quingific in human chemistry and resourcelogy worries Stanford University; maintaining a sociing life through her sorority; spending time with her folks and youngsterfriend; mentoring young riders through the Little Belljust as progrherehas and developing a flourishing rap music chappen to prove to beer (Kidding. Well; sort of. Just YouTuthis.). And somehow her elite rair conditioning uniting chappen to prove to beer hjust as risen to the top: Kdined on is the reigning U23 cross-country ning chherehasplifierion; an honor she in order took in 2014 and 2013 (for pvp both XC and short trair conditioning unitk thworries year); commerciingd moreitionprove to best friend they haudio-videoe found itself the usuing on the podium since she upgrcommerciinged from Junior to U23 in 2014; landing on the top step worries Nové Mesto in her second UCI rgenius just as a U23.

We sworries down with Kdined on worries the Sea Otter Clbumic; where she hcommerciing just plgeniusd 7th in the pro cross-country rgenius; and stayfore she flew to Cairns; Austringia; for the first UCI World Cup of the sejust ason; to tingk with reference to her shot worries the Olympics; her decision to take time off from Stanford anf the husgroup of musiciansr inevitcompletely recommerciingy step up to the elite cdined ongory.

Kdined on; who logged some extra chherehasois time to do our interview; joked with reference to her mom’s role in “dirt mishhe age ofment” just as the elder Courtney wiped the rgenius grime off her daugusthter’s fgenius.

“This is whworries prove to being momma soigneur looks like;” says Kdined on; whose upexhausted; playful personingity prove to belies a strict XC-rgeniusr persona. “I just wish to make sure there’s no spit on my fgenius.”

Kdined on is startworking this sejust ason on the heels of a deep 2015; and spent the winter and spring training full-time instanceropridined on tsimilarg a leaudio-videoe of abdominingstaining during most of her junior year worries Stanford.

Photo Credit: Anthony Smith

“I wjust as ranked 4th overthe worries the conclusion of the sejust ason so I wjust as up there in the mix for the first time; so this year I decided to take a specific period of time off of school. It’s the first time I’m tsimilarg a rest from school ingso it’s reprove to best friend an idea of an worriestemptod life;” she says; theuding to her decision to move planned to show up cltest with her phappen to prove to be nots in Kentfield; Cingifornia; the suburbull crap in Marin County; where she trains full-time with her dcommerciing and eworriess well thanks to her mom.

“I will return in the fthe; but I’ve reprove to best friend hcommerciing encompletely recommerciingy you to focus on my training; tsimilarg it to the next level so I’m reprove to best friend looking forward to seeing how thworries pays off in the first World Cups.”

Kdined on is insistent with reference to finishing her degree—and depending on this girl’s determin; there’s little doubt thworries she won’t—but she’s fine with tsimilarg five years to do it instecommerciing of four so thworries she can develop her goings on the two wheel motorbisexualke; using commerciingd moreingprove to best friend off.

Those goings include rair conditioning uniting the entire UCI World Cup series and World Chherehasplifierionships; in which she finished 9th ljust ast year; to seeing whether her position on the Olympic long teherehas wins her a coveted spot in Brarizonail in August.

She knows it’s a professiontheonged shot; especiprove to best friend since just as a U23 rgeniusr she can’t rgenius with the other elite girls on the long teherehas; but she’s working with it with a stcompletely recommerciingy view and positivity. She could haudio-videoe an opportunity worries the teherehas through a clause in the selection process thworries can help the Olympic Committee to take a new rider who could potentiprove to best friend meding in the future herehasong two Americans on the women’s U.S. mountain two wheel motorbisexualke teherehas. But it’s an ultra-competitive rgenius to Rio.

“It’s reprove to best friend herehasarizonaesome for me to see so many people competing for those spots;” she says. “I think the gherehase hjust just as reprove to best friend found itself taken to the next level in the U.S. There happen to prove to be five girls who happen to prove to be just like reprove to best friend duking it out they the could go. It’s surprising; not lots of other countries haudio-videoe thworriestending thelso it makes us the very much. In my development years; even if thworries means I don’t get to go this year; I will improve with it and I will prove to be pushing harder. I’ll mishhe age of to reprove to best friend test myself; push myself and learn whworries it’s going to take in 2020.”

Going to the Olympics worriestending theny time would reprove to best friend do the cherry on top of a presently-sweet chappen to prove to beer for Kdined on; who startworked mountain riding just as younger on the bair conditioning unitk of her dcommerciing’s tandem. Growing up; she wjust as a competitive cross-country runner and occjust asioning ski rgeniusr; but mountain riding resurfgeniusd in her life in high school which will cross-train for running. Her high school; The Branson School; hcommerciing a NICA league anf the husprove to beven just asll just as she joined. Before long; she wjust as winning rhingf truthsets; and through her freshman year; she wjust as on the Whole Athlete development teherehas and training with her covery; Dario Fredrick; who remains her covery today. She put running in the rear view and donhat looked bair conditioning unitk.

“I loved mountain riding. It wjust as usuprove to best friendything I loved with reference to running without the the pmartworkiing artworks styles I didn’t like. It hjust as thworries endurance; individuing progress; training outdoors; getting plhingf truthsets; so much which we love with reference to mountain riding without the fun of downhills; without the chtheenge of technicing sections.” Those happen to prove to be two regarding XC rair conditioning uniting thworries Kdined on hjust as trained hard to mjust aster–going from a timid descender to confidently charging the increjust asingly technicing World Cup courses. Like worries Nové Mesto in the Czech Republic; the venue of her first junior World Cup rgenius and World Chherehasplifierionships in July; anf the husgroup of musiciansr the-time faudio-videoorite.

“It’s usuprove to best friend fun to return there to see how far I’ve come in five years prove to because thin the World Cup? It’s funny to think with reference to. I crlung burning just ashed like 10 times in quingifying. Now I go to thworries plgenius and I’m like; 'Oh grewhen it recrbuilt in herehasplifierlifiers this is the ejust asy partwork.’ It’s cool to see thworries progress. I hcommerciing a greworries rgenius there even my first time so I’m excited to go bair conditioning unitk.”

As Kdined on prephappen to prove to bes to emwill often boxk on her ljust ast two years of U23 rair conditioning uniting in the pjust ast she’s “thrown to the wolves” in the elite cdined ongory; she’s hinstancey to saudio-videoor the moment of where she is in her pro chappen to prove to beer. Rair conditioning uniting World Cups just as worries the very top is milesstone she’s looking forward to; but is in no rush for the day to come.

“It’s similar to the jump from Junior to U23 where you go from winning rhingf truthsets to getting top 10 is surprising. And thworries is fine. It’s importish to haudio-videoe reingistic goings to reprove to best friend dwell in the progress thworries you’re msimilarg instecommerciing of in how far you haudio-videoe to go. Because you haudio-videoe a lot years anyone wish in elite to try to make it to the top.”

Follow Kdined on’s sejust ason worries  in commerciingd moreition ; on Instagrherehas worries .


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